A rotten world

I agree that the world is full of news porn... but the recent bombardment in Palestine, Malaysian Airline attack in Ukraine, Iraq situation, Sudden flow of refugee children entering our country... these all are hard facts not porn for sure.

U.S media is biased but it shows how stupid we became as human (Israel is attacking Hamas but the news focus' on how the Israelis surviving in this "dangerous" situation) -as Wolf Blitzer reporting from Israel LIVE. Diana Magnay reporting for Wolf and in the background we see Israeli crowd cheering when missiles hit Gaza! The Israeli-Jews should stop talking about the holocaust as they becoming the next Hitler by attacking the “terrorists" in a over populated "ghetto"!! Who is the fascist, now? You, me, or "the Jew”(bibi) -who is in power?

We know where America stands from Wolf's reporting for sure. I love this country(U.S) dearly but cannot defend it because our government's silence making me ashamed in front of my friends who are from developing world and think U.S is there for human rights.

Children at U.S Borders

Our American politicians are treating with refugee children like they are from Mars. Mrs.Clinton -in whom we are seeking our next president -thinks those children should be deported!?! Our fellow Republicans think the same as they describe it as "invasion!" Reminds me of eugenics! We don’t like them, they are not like us, they might hurt our race or economy -let’s kill them in gas chambers or simply send them back.

Russian and Ukraine

Let's try to justify the war! Please...

Israeli recent death toll ->2. Palestinian recent death toll -> 230+. (NYTimes toll through July 17-18).

Justified meaning: 2 Israeli lives = 230 Palestinian lives!! An eye for an eye. This is what we call National Security !

ProRussian territory/land definitely worth more than 298 human lives. Poor passengers! Let’s talk and discuss this issue in media for few days!!! Great reality show to run. Some crossfires between the politicians will add some spice to it! And then the passengers rest in peace.

Us -The U.S

Our first black President who is running the govt. for second time -is worried about Russian-Ukraine situation, and of course Kerry is talking Nuclear with Iran! And shhhh... be gentle to middle-east situations -otherwise our lobbyists will get angry! Our good looking, educated President can’t afford that! Does Russia really care about those stupid laughable sanctions?! Putin just confirmed FIFA World Cup 2018- now that's a good politician!!!

Too much stuff? I didn’t even talk about issues like anti-gay laws, Syria, Libya, Scottish freedom, muslim terrorists, kidnapped girls of Nigeria, etc.. These are just the beginning of the list. Where are we living? Isn’t it bizarre enough?

Life is an art of drawing without an eraser. How do I erase the evil that lives inside me?

(n.b: I do not support Hamas or Israel, neither a believer of any religion or group. I just tend to have a heart that bleeds when I see death tolls rising everyday. Humanist. Peace. Love)

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