short films

The God of Small Things(2017) 

a fiction-drama mid length

Mohesh, a beloved cow owned by a poor Hindu villager is prayed to as a God. When she has to be sold, her new owner sacrifices her in the name of God. A neorealist film, shot in rural Bangladesh, featuring mostly non-actors.


Direction: Saud  Jubaer

Cinematography: Yann Seweryn

Producer: Robert Tutak

Cast: Samin Sababa, Mahmud Alam    




Carl’s dream shatters when the outside world trspasses on his bedroom. He then takes a mirror on his back and carries it around wherever he goes. The mirror travels through New York City. Reflected in the mirror, we see the sky, the sun, the buildings, parks, birds, feet of the passing by strangers, garbage, children, adults, a boy and a fish. The surrealistic visual is juxtaposed with a poem and a story of a abused victim. The “mirror” is the rape victim, the abuser, and the audience. It reflects.


Direction: Saud  Jubaer

Cinematography: Saud Jubaer

Model: Carl Piccarreta

Interview: Saud Jubaer

Poem: Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca

Poem recitation : Brenda Granados

Assistant Director: Carl Piccarreta

Production Manager: Marlee Liz




A Face of the Mirror (in postptoduction)

an short experimental documentary 

Une Flamme(2015) 

a documentary short

A woman's reminisces her lover


Direction: Saud  Jubaer

Cinematography: Saud Jubaer

Cast: Marylin Graubert (as herself)     



Le Ballon Rouge:
the red balloon (2014)

a fiction short

Death can be the greatest expression of love.


Direction: Saud  Jubaer

Cinematography: Saud Jubaer

Cast: Priya (as herself)

      Dariya Dgaetano (Priya's Mother)

Producer: Robert Tutak



La Mort Orange:
Orange Death (2014)

experimental short

a visual poem.


Direction: Saud Jubaer

Cinematography: Saud Jubaer

Cast: Robert Tutak

Poem: Celui qui entre par hasard by René Guy Cadou 



HANDS (2012)

a fiction short

A film on domestic violence. From a loving stroke to a deadly blow. Hands can love and can kill.



Direction: Saud Jubaer

Cast : J Lyle Johnson and Liz

Camera: Christian Perinillo and Ming


The Mask:面具

a fiction short

A man fighting his alter-ego to get over his past.


Direction: Kaixiang Zhang

Cinematography: Saud Jubaer

Camera: Xin Huang



Eid: Happiness 

a short documentary


Zahid, a Bangladeshi living in Queens, New York is a muslim-gay

man in search of his own identity.



Direction: Saud Jubaer 

Cast: Zahidul Haque and his friends






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