Goru Obola Prani (by Saud Jubaer)


A cow is an innocent animal. (this is the very first sentence of an essay on a cow in a Bengali textbook for the fifth graders)



            Mahesh, a cow, owned by a poor hindu villager, loved, and prayed to as god. Mahesh is bought by a muslim gentleman, and before Mahesh realizes and loves his new master, his new master sacrifices Mahesh in the name of god.

Is Mahesh god himself or is the only purpose of his life to satisfying god?



            The story is about a cow named Mahesh. He is a god for the family, whom he serves. He has a master Goutam, who takes him to the field to plough the land everyday. Goutam is a poor man, who lives in a hut beside the river Ganga. Goutam’s wife Birala works as a servant at the rich Municipality Chairman’s house.  And they have a 6 year old girl named Putul. The family loves Mahesh dearly. Goutam often comes and feeds Mahesh by hand. He takes him to the river to bathe everyday, then to the prairies to eat grass. Mahesh helps Goutam to plough the lands of the rich. Birala uses Mahesh’s dung to make fuel for cooking and polishing the mud house, in which they live. Little Putul often comes to Mahesh and plays with him, talks to him about what she did in school. Goutam and his family pray to Mahesh everyday in the morning. Everyday Mahesh goes through a little religious ceremony.


Malaria strikes the rural village. Putul gets sick and suffers high fever. To take Putul to a good doctor in the capital city, Goutam needs money. He goes to the relatives and friends in the village. Some help, some don’t. The money he collects is not enough for the treatment.

Putul’s condition is getting serious, Birala worries and Goutam is frustrated. The family decides to sell Mahesh and use the money to save Putula’s life.

So Birala says goodbye to Mahesh after rubbing oil onto his skin. Mahesh looks handsome, healthy, and shiny. He follows Goutam to the bazaar where many cows are being traded, sold, and bought.


            A rich gentleman named Abraham comes with his son Ismael and they like Mahesh. After some bargaining with Goutam about the price, Abraham and Ismael buy Mahesh.  Mahesh cries for Goutam, and Goutam cries for Mahesh. They say good bye to each other, and Abraham drags Mahesh, the new family member, to his family house.


This is a huge house with many people living in it. They all came and ask about Mahesh’s price. They take pictures of Mahesh, They feed Mahesh, they put clothes on him. Ismael plays with Mahesh. Mahesh feels good here. He likes his new family. And he enjoys his new luxury.


One morning is not like every other one. Laughter can be heard in the house from early morning.Abraham and his family take Mahesh out to take a bath, They rub oil on him. Then they feed him only water, and take him in front of the house, where many people are waiting. Mahesh becomes the center of attention. Before Mahesh realizes what is going on, they tie his legs and throw him on the ground. And a sharp knife runs over His throat. Mahesh kicks violently in defiance. His breath becomes heavy and he falls into a coma in the river of his own blood.                                                


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